The best Android and iOS apps of 2017

This year got some interesting apps you need to have on your smartphones. We listed some selected apps check it.

Viber (iOS) –
Best all-in-one communication app on iOS, Viber offers every type of communication imaginable, from text to video calls plus in-app purchases for stickers, money transfers and iCloud backups of your messages.


PicsArt Photo Studio (iOS) –

PicsArt is an easy-to-use and attractively-designed app that helps you edit photos with mashups, filters, shape overlays, collages, frames and more.

Google Tez

Google Tez was launched as Google’s UPI payment solution. Google Tez include best and easy design to follow.

Firefox Focus – 

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is an alternate version of Firefox that focuses on the security features more than the base version. Apart from its desktop version, it also has iOS and Android apps.

Zophop –

The app includes timings and route details for almost every major public transportation system in your city.

Astro –



The app has all the typical features that you would want in an email manager: the ability to have multiple inboxes, snooze, swipe and gesture-based controls, scheduling messages and more.


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