Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) review; iOS with laptop power

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018)

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) review; iOS with laptop power: Apple has recently launched two new iPad Pro models. These new models have better performance, face id, and a new design and much more. But are they really that good, can they replace your laptop? So we choose the new 12.9-inch model to review it and show you is it worth the huge money?

A very thin design

After a long time, Apple has made a big change in the design of its iPad. They have taken a more angular design as that is thin at just 5.9mm. The chamfered Edges are no more a part of it and the overall dimensions are 280.6 x 214.9 x 5.9mm. With its weight of 633 grams only its making the new model lighter than the model its replacing.

It’s around 25 % of the reduction in its size and Apple has also reduced the bezel at the top and bottom that is creating an edge to edge display like an iPhone.

The reduction in the bezels means that now its more fun to have an edge to edge experience. But bezels has left enough space for the front cameras. The face id will also put a new experience in using the iPad as now you can unlock the IPad will unlock with just a glance. The new iPad also don’t have any home button so we can say that it’s following the recent iPhone models.
As there are no bezels and home button so sometime you may struggle to in which side you have to hold the iPad.

A new Liquid Retina display

On the footsteps of iPhone XR the iPad also has a new “Liquid Retina” LED-backlit IPS tap to wake display with a 2732 x 2048 resolution, for 264ppi. The screen is anti-reflective, but it can have some glare in too shiny conditions. There is no HDR support with the display. With 600 nits brightness, rich in color and packed full of detail the large display will make your iPad user experience much better.

It is not only the display that has inspired by iPhone but the corners of the new iPad are now much curved that gives an eye-catching look to the iPad and it also has some drawbacks while using it. The one is some third party apps will need to be redesigned and updated.

Face ID

The big change in iPad is now it has the face id feature, it has the most trending face id feature in its front camera so unlocking the iPad will be easier and fun, it has the same camera that the iPhone has, to it will introduce the new and faster way to unlocking the iPad.

It is also one step ahead of the iPhone X range, in iPhone x you can only use face id in portrait, but the iPad will support both the landscape and portrait modes.
But as the iPad look same from top to bottom and bottom to top so sometimes a human mistake can come in the path of fast unlocking, as knowing where the camera is at first glance is hard enough so, you may put your hand on the camera and then wonder why this is not working.

With having the same camera it has some same features, so the iPad also have Animoji, Memoji and Portrait clicking selfies with the big screen may feel something new.
The front-facing camera is 7 megapixel and the rear camera is of 12 megapixels. It also features the depth of field feature.

How does the 12.9 iPad Pro perform?

As anyone can guess, iPad has gotten a power boost, it performs something equivalent to laptop thanks to its new 7nm processor, with this apps loading time has also decreased. We can say that the app performance has improved a with the help of A12X Bionic having a beefier seven-core GPU that delivers twice the graphics performance of the iPad Pro 10.5’s A10X Fusion processor.

So with the new iPad you won’t have to wait till the apps load, the games will launch quickly will run smoothly and big files will be processed in a faster way. For example, opening Microsoft word in the iPhone is faster than opening it in Mac.

The new Ipad will also have a slot for nano sim cards and will further support eSIM, it won’t support dual sim but having a single sim is also a good gives you an easy way to connect while public wifi or using your phone will connect with your old notebook, it is much easier when your iPad can connect by itself.

Battery, quick charging and USB-C connectivity

With getting all these amazing features, it won’t be affecting the battery much. Apple has claimed 10 hours of battery after a single charge, but in a fair light use you can go with it for 8-9 hours, but when you are using it heavily like playing a game it’s obviously gonna to drain faster.

But thankfully the new iPad also support for the faster charge, in the box it has an 18W USB-C charger that your iPad will charge fast and you won’t have to wait for much to charge it again after playing a game. Having a USB-C port also means that you can use your mac charger with it. It also supports reverse charging so you can charge your other small devices with it.

Having a USB-C port also means you can connect some other peripherals with it, you can plug in SD Card to transfer some files. Its much faster and you can also use external monitors with it. It also opens up ways to connect Ethernet adapters or even hard drives, although the latter will need to have an accompanying app from the manufacturer because iOS 12.1 doesn’t offer file directory support.

Almost a laptop, but not quite

When it comes to performance the only difference between the iPad and a MacBook or MacBook Air is the OS Environment, and we can say that this is the only thing that is holding back the iPad to replace your Laptop. The OS is designed to use one or two apps at a time so if you are a pro multitasker than this could be frustrating for you.

For example, if you are writing a document while researching on the internet and also talking with a friend on some social media, then you can swipe between them easily but it is much easier to do this in MAC.

WIth New iPad you can take advantage of pen input while in MAC OS you can use the trackpad, both have there own pros and cons but it depends on you how you prefer to work.

When you ask me I found that the IPad s an amazing choice for light working but for the desk-based work you should go with a laptop.

A new Apple Pencil

For the new Ipad pro, Apple has also designed the new apple pencil, it will charge wirelessly while sticking on the side of your iPad pro, it also has a new feature that allows you to change the tool you are using just with a double tap.

The size of the pencil is still the same, and when we go for the look it has a matte finish, on the side of the pencil it has a flat design so the pencil will stick with your iPad pro easily. The magnet is also much strong that it won’t let the pencil fall even when you shake it.

Pairing the pencil with the iPad is also as simple as sticking it on the side but the new pencil will only work with the new Apple iPad as Apple announced.

Smart Keyboard Folio

For new iPad, there is also a new keyboard that is gonna to cost you Costs $199 or £199. It as a leather back to protect the keyboard from slipping. It will connect with the smart connector on the back it’s so easy that aligning the connector dots is something you don’t even need to think about.

As the designs have changed there are two viewing angles and also it won’t have any presentation mode. As the new keyboard has a good amount of travel so typing with the keys will feel more natural. If you are thinking about using the iPad pro as your laptop then this keyboard is something you are gonna to need.


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