FiiO launches X3 Mark III music player, F5 earphones and i1 Lightning DAC

FiiO launches X3 Mark III music player, F5 earphones and i1 Lightning DAC

The company has launched the X3 Mark III Hi-Res Portable Lossless Music Player which inherits the design of previous FiiO players and comes with a five-button and scroll wheel layout. The player comes with dual-DACs and can also stream songs via Bluetooth v4.1. Moreover, the X3 also comes with support for dual-Bluetooth mode and with the added balanced output (2.5mm jack), can play a user’s music with a broader soundstage too. The player is available in hues of Black and Red.

IEMs, the brand has launched the FiiO F5 Hi-Res in-ear monitor which ships with a detachable cable which connects to the earpieces via an MMCX connector. The earphones come with a standard 3.5mm audio cable as well as a 2.5mm balanced output cable. The F5 is Apple MFi certified which enables the inline remote controls on the 3.5mm cable to be compatible with iOS devices too. In terms of core specs, the earphones operate in a frequency range of 20Hz – 40kHz and are powered by a 13.5mm dynamic driver system.

Company also introduced the FiiO i1, which is an Apple MFi certified, digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and headphone amplifier designed for the Lightning connector. Moreover, the i1 also features a microphone and can intelligently detect whether a pair of connected earphones have in-line remote controls or not.

As for the pricing, the i1 is available for Rs 2,990 whereas the FiiO F5 Hi-Res IEM will set interested buyers Rs 4,999 back. The X3 lossless music player retails for Rs 14,990 and all the products can be picked up from the company’s website.


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