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18 YouTube Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

18 YouTube Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

18 YouTube Tips And Tricks You Should Know About: The second largest search engine in the world. With 400 hours of video uploads every second and people watch over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube. And every time we have got some free time it’s the first choice we have.

With all the amazing features and awesome videos on it. You can also learn some tricks to make your youtube experience better. Here in this post we have a list of top 18 tricks and tips you must know about.

360-Degree Videos

360-degree videos allow you to visit any place with just rotating the screen and also you can use it with vr. It gets so real with youtube videos. So just go and search for 360 degree videos on youtube and explore some amazing videos on youtube.

VR Videos On YouTube

Vr technology has be immersed in technology stack like it was part of it for a long time. So it is not a thing to be shocked on that you can also watch vr videos on youtube. Yup, you will need to have a vr kit with to enjoy the can also use google cardboard to enjoy your vr experience.

Add Videos To “Watch Later”

Many times we come across some videos but we cant watch them may be we have lack or time or can have any reason. And it is really hard to remember the video and search for it again. So youtube also have a solution for this problem, you can add any video in your watch later playlist and again when you have time or you are able to watch the video you can go through it and enjoy the video.

Buy And Rent Movies On YouTube

You don’t always have to go to cinema hall when you wish to watch any movie and may be you want to watch some old movie. The solution is you go to some shop and buy the hard copy of the movie. But let me tell you that youtube allows you to buy and rent movie. If you always want that movie to be added on your account you can buy that and if you just wanna to watch the movie then renting a movie is a good choice.

Watch Videos With Captions

I love to watch ted talks but sometime the language of the talk get that hard that it gets really hard to even understand what the person is saying in the video. Here  the caption comes in to play. You can read as caption whatever is the audio in the video. And the main thing is you can read caption in your native language. To turn on or off the captions you can click on the button that says cc at the bottom right of the video or you can press “c”. It is shortcut for the caption.

Double Tap To Seek

Many times we are watching a video and many videos have some boring part, you want to skip that but don’t wanna to skip a lot. So here is the trick you can skip the videos forward and backward by 10 seconds. To do so you just have to double tap on left to backward the video by 10 seconds and right to forward the video.

New Desktop Design

Youtube is always working to make it better for users. It is also experimenting on new web interface for youtube. But that is not public now actually that is public but you have to go to different url to use that. To use the new gui just head to

Dark Theme

I watch youtube every night before sleeping, but the truth is light themes really sucks at eyes. Thankfully youtube knows that very well and so it also has a dark if you also want to switch to youtube dark theme. you can activate it from the Account menu after signing up for the new YouTube desktop experience.

Share A Video That Starts At A Certain Time

Whenever we find an amazing video the thing we do is sharing it with our friend. But sometime the main thing we want to share is at the middle of the video. So you want to share video that start on the given time. So let me tell you that you can share the video that starts at a specific can do it by right clicking on a video and selecting “copy video URL at current time.”

Video Previews

YouTube launched a new feature that allows you to see a preview of the video on desktop. The video previews will appear when you hover over a thumbnail. This will give you a sense for what each video is about.

View Suggested Videos

You are watching a video and really liked the video. And you want to watch more video like that you can do this by going through suggested videos.while watching a video on desktop  you just have to tap on the screen or if you are in mobile device then the video should be in full screen mode,it will show a row of suggested videos.

Play Videos At Different Speeds

A video is too slow or too fast, no matter what you just want to change the speed of the video. you tube also allows you to do that.just tap on the setting button on video and select speed, here you can choose your desired speed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

No matter what you are using keyboard shortcuts always comes handy. This makes the task a lot easier to youtube also support keyboard shortcuts. Here is the list of some shortcuts you can use.

-F toggles full-screen mode on and off

-J rewinds the video 10 seconds

-L fast-forwards 10 seconds

-Up arrow increases the volume 5%

-Down arrow decreases the volume 5%

-M will toggle mute on and off

-Esc exits out of full-screen mode

-K (or spacebar) plays or pauses the video

-Left arrow key rewinds the video 5 seconds

-Right arrow fast forwards the video 5 seconds

Change Video Size And Resolution

Any video comes in different size, and you can always change the size according to you in youtube from 144p to whatever the most it supports 4k  or 1080 k. You can do this by tapping on the video quality pulldown menu.

Voice Commands For Casting Videos

The world is getting smarter. And you have google home at your home you can use they with youtube can use voice commands to cast videos from YouTube to your TV with Chromecast.

View Transcripts

When a video is uploaded to youtube it automatically get the transcript.  You can view the transcriptions by tapping on the More button and tapping on the transcriptions button.

YouTube For Kids

Youtube have an another section for kids, here you will find the videos only for kids like cartoons and much more. Just let your kid watch the video here and he or she is gonna to love it. Just head to YouTube Kids.

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