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How to access hidden Netflix categories

How to access hidden Netflix categories

How to access hidden Netflix categories: Did you ever wanted to have the more specific type of movies or shows collections. Specific in the sense, not just action or romance but more specific than that. You already have this but you just need to know how to access it. Actually, Netflix has some hidden categories of movies and shows. Here I mean to say, movies are not hidden just categories are hidden. So let’s know how to crack this.

Open your browser and just head to the below mentioned link. No, just don’t click it, you have to replace the hashes at the end of the URL with the specific code from Netflix.

For example, 5804 is code for military TV shows. So just go to and you will get a list of all the TV shows that fall under that category.

Some of the more interesting and useful categories I found are:

Zombie Horror Movies: 75405,
Quirky Romance: 36103,
Dark Comedies: 869,
Disney: 67673,
Political Thrillers: 10504,
TV Comedies: 10375.

And also they have a category for different age groups too:
For ages 0 to 2: 6796
For ages 2 to 4: 6218
For ages 5 to 7: 5455
For ages 8 to 10: 561
For ages 11 to 12: 6962

You can also take the help of this link to access all the categories.
You will get every hidden category here you can access.



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