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How to adjust screen brightness in Windows 10

How to adjust screen brightness in Windows 10

How to adjust screen brightness in Windows 10: It is seen that many of us spend hours in front of the pc on a large number. If you are working, it has become a habit to sit for around 6 to 10 hours in front of the computer. Well, the major drawback with the same is that working for so many hours can lead to a major eyesight issue. Thus, what we generally do is adjusting the brightness of the computer so that there will be less stress for the eyes. Well, the common mistake what we all do is that we manually adjust the brightness level of the screen rather than keeping it on auto.

Thus, Windows 10 has kept in mind of such things and has used not only the keys available on your keyboards to adjust the brightness but some more ways to keep your comfort level. Here are some of those ways which can help you to adjust your screen brightness:

  1. The most common way of adjusting the brightness is by using the hotkeys available on the keyboard. Look for the brightness sign and you will find the key. The operators + and – are used with it to increase or decrease respectively.
  2. Another method could be through the brightness tile that is present on the windows desktop. If you don’t see the tile, look for the expand button at the bottom on the taskbar on to the right side and find the tile.
  3. You can even look for the same from the settings app. Go to the start button and click on settings.  Now, search for system option in settings. Now click on display. You will see the adjusting tool in the option from where you can adjust the brightness.
  4. Control Panel can also be another way of adjusting the brightness. Look for the battery icon in the bottom task bar and right click onto it. As soon as the options occur, look for adjusting screen brightness option. This will open the power options menu window. At the bottom of the window, you will see the option of adjusting the brightness level. Move the slider to adjust the brightness.

Note: Some of the above methods contain sliders for adjusting the brightness. Thus, if you wish to increase the brightness, move the slider towards the right and to decrease, move left.

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