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How to change keyboard on android

How to change keyboard on android

How to change keyboard on android: Every smartphone comes with a built-in keyboard function in it, But maybe you want to change the color of your keyboard, or you want to swipe your fingers on the screen instead of tapping. Maybe you want some other customization or in simple words, you want a new keyboard with some extra feature. Whatever the reason is, switching keyboards on your phone is a very easy task—and considering how much you type on your handset, a worthwhile one.

Step 1:
Open play store then search by typing “Keyboard” download and install whatever keyboard you want in your smartphone. There is one app called ‘google indic’. You can install the same too

Step 2:
Open your phone’s setting

Step 3:
Go to Languages and input.

Step 4:
Tap on the current keyboard under Keyboard & input methods.

Step 5:
Select the new keyboard you would like to set as default. And then Tap on choose keyboards.

Here you have successfully changed the keyboard of your smartphone.



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