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How to check RAM in your PC

How to check RAM in your PC

How to check RAM in your PC: We all have some major to know when we look for our pcs as and when we buy them. Also, there are times when we require to know how much RAM are we left within our pcs to know if we can add some more software or do we have the space to do that. The major function of RAM is that it is responsible for loading and running software. Here are some steps you can follow to check how much RAM is there in your pc.

  1. Click on the windows key and R together to open the run command. A dialog box will appear on the screen.
  2. Now type dialog into the text and press enter.
  3. The window that pops up will show how much RAM is there along with other details.

An alternative method of same is, Go to the control panel and click on system and security. You will find a sub heading that says “View amount of RAM and processor speed.” When you click on this option, you will find all the information such as memory size.



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