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How to completely disable Bixby

How to completely disable Bixby

How to completely disable Bixby: Since Samsung has announced the bixby on the samsung devices, Bixby,people are asking for the ways to disable it. With the Galaxy S9, that chorus is even louder. While the hardware’s not going anywhere, we are able to definitely do one thing about the software. Here’s a way to get rid of Bixby Voice and, if you are using Samsung’s launcher, Bixby Home.

Before you are doing anything, log into your Samsung account
Samsung is smart: so as to allow you to disable most aspects of Bixby, it forces you to log into your Samsung account. You were prompted to do this once you 1st signed into your phone, however if you made the decision to skip that step, you are going to want to sign in — even if it’s just to disable Bixby.

-Press the Bixby button or swipe right on your phone’s home screen.
-Tap next.
-Choose your Bixby Voice language and tap next.
-Tap sign in.

Enter your Samsung account credentials or Create Account.
If making account, enter details, agree to the terms, and verify account details through email.

How to disable Bixby Voice
Bixby is divided into 2 distinct categories: Bixby Voice and Bixby Home. Voice is helpful however will get frustrating once it does not work, thus you are going to need to turn it off before you disable Bixby Home (which is accessed by short-pressing the Bixby button).

While on the Samsung home screen, swipe right till you get to Bixby Home.

Alternatively, just press the Bixby button.

-On the top menu bar, tap the 3 vertical dots.
-Tap Settings.
-Uncheck Bixby Voice.
-That’s it Next, we’ve got to prevent the Bixby button from accessing Bixby Home.

How to disable the Bixby button

-First press the bixby button..
-In the top menu bar, tap the Settings button.
-Uncheck Bixby Key.

That’s it! now when you press the Bixby button once, it won’t open the Bixby Home

How to remove Bixby Home from the house screen
Now, Now at last we just have to disable Bixby Home access from the home screen. To do so

-On the home screen hold on the empty screen, until the menu doesn’t appear.
-Swipe to the right to get on home panel.
-Disable Bixby Home.

That’s it! now neither the Bixby button nor the Bixby Home screen will work and you’ll move on along with your life, Bixby-free.

If you again want to use Bixby, you will need to follow these steps in reverse, 1st enabling Bixby Home from the launcher then the Bixby button from inside the menu.


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