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How to delete files that won’t delete

How to delete files that won’t delete

How To delete files that won’t delete: While working down with your PCs or laptops, you might have always come across a lot of files in your pc that do not permit you to delete them. One of the reasons could be that those files are system files and the system does not permit those files to be deleted to get changed with the settings. Another reason could also be that deleting those files can bring effects to the system. But, there may be certain files in your system that you wish to delete so that you don’t have to keep that memory acquired by them. But, make sure that those files are not you system files as they may affect the OS. Here are some of the ways you can look for to delete those files:

Close all running apps
There are times when certain apps maybe using those files that you wish to delete. Now, if those files are currently working with the apps, the system won’t permit you to delete such files as they are already in use. Thus, close all the apps that are currently running so that there are no files engaged by them. Now, try deleting the file again.

Close File Explorer
While sometimes the closing apps works, there might be some other reasons that could be responsible for the blocking. One such reason can be the file explorer working in background. Thus, it is required to close the explorer first while working with deleting files. The File Explorer is also known as the Windows Explorer. Now, to disable the explorer, find the task manager option by right-clicking on the taskbar and the generated pop up. Once you open the task manager, look for the option that reads Windows Explorer. As soon as you find the option, right click on the same and select the “end task” sub option.

Reboot your system
There might be a situation that windows is not working properly at that time in your system. Thus, this could become one of the reasons because of which you are facing problems in deleting the file. Thus, reboot your system to start over again.

Enable safe mode
You can also be looking for enabling the safemde while working with deletions. This can be an option as if some of the apps have been denied of deletion, the explorer can again give the apps a try to load and work with any denial. Also, working in safe mode is “safer” as there are less chances of getting into some kind of problem.

Using some apps
If any of the above things do not help, you can look for an app that can help you to delete those files. Some of the options of such app can be; File Assassin, Long Path Tool, and Microsoft’s own Process Explorer.

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