How to enable, use full screen gestures on Xiaomi

How to enable, use full screen gestures on Xiaomi

How to enable, use full-screen gestures on Xiaomi: The tall 18:9 aspect ratio screen has been the factor when it involves smartphones as of late, and it sounds like there’s no stopping it. whereas it’s actually useful because of having a lot of content seen on the screen at the same time, not everybody has large hands to maneuver around a large phone.

In its latest MIUI 9.5 software update, Xiaomi gave its users an choice to navigate around their big smartphones using their full-screen gestures. This new feature saves Xiaomi users from doing hand and finger acrobatics just to achieve the sides, top, and bottom of the screen. Considering however things are evolving into the 19:9 aspect ratio in more recent smartphones, it’s like we are ne’er going back to the previous 16:9 normal again.

Xiaomi is one of the most active mobile makers once it comes to software and that they are showing their strength by looking after their consumers. The new MIUI 9.5 full-screen gestures are often used to replace the on-screen buttons of Xiaomi Redmi Note five, Redmi five and, Mi Mix 2S, and Redmi five. we conjointly expect this feature to point out up on future Xiaomi smartphones further.


For smartphones running on MIUI 9.5, here are the steps to do to modify the full-screen gestures functionality.

Step 1: Unlock the phone and find the ‘Settings’ icon and click on it.

Step 2: Scroll to and enter the ‘Full-screen Display’ option.

Step 3: Toggle on the ‘Full-screen Gestures’ setting.

Step 4: finish the tutorial. Voila! You currently have navigation gestures enabled on your Xiaomi smartphone.

That’s it!

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