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How to Google reverse image search on Android devices

How to Google reverse image search on Android devices

How to Google reverse image search on Android devices: There are 2 main ways in which folks use Google: to look up subjects and topics, or to look up pictures. The third approach folks use it, is to look up images they’ve already found in a trial to search out wherever that image originated from. this can be referred to as a reverse image search.

All 3 uses are relatively simple and straightforward to do on a mac or computer. the first two are simple to do on a smartphone also, however performing a reverse image search on your phone might not be general knowledge. Below, we look at the way to look for images on android and iOS devices using the Google search engine, before breaking down the multiple ways in which you’ll perform a reverse image search on identical mobile platforms. Don’t worry, it isn’t difficult; the method you choose is admittedly simply a matter of private preference.

The quickest and most convenient way to perform a Google image search on your mobile device is largely the same as doing it on your pc or Mac:

Most mobile browsers — like safari and Google Chrome — launch in a very new tab, or on a startup page that’s equipped with a search bar.
Provided you’ve set Google as your default search engine, you’ll look for your image directly from the start page. instead, head to and begin your image search there.

-This should take you to Google’s search results. Once there, tap pictures at the top to look at only photos. Once you discover your image, select it, and tap the 3 vertical dots to open a larger version of same image.
-Press and hold your finger on the image and you’ll be given the choice to save it.
-You have many additional choices if you wish to perform a reverse image search, in spite of that mobile platform you’re using.

Open the Chrome browser.
Find the image you wish to reverse search, then press and hold your finger on the image.
A menu should seem. tap Search Google For This Image.

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