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How to improve organic search traffic

organic search traffic

How to improve organic search traffic: When it comes to any business, it’s all about bringing customers and when your website has an online store or a website then having some good amount of organic traffic in also  important. Many of the businesses hire some seo people who can help them to bring some organic traffic but thankfully there are some tips and tricks, so you can apply some tricks on your website and can boost your visitors dramatically.
Here we are describing some tricks which may help you to gain some organic traffic.

Optimise for your personas, not search engines. We all want our website in top listing of any search engine, but something to keep in mind is that, may be you want to make your site visible to search engine but you must have to optimise the site for visitors instead of some search engine. So you must have to make your site in such a way that people will love it. Optimising for search engine is too easy you just have to do some raggling around keyword and these things.but to make people love your site your content must be great and website must look beautiful.

Use long tail keywords.
To rank your website in top searches in any search engine. So you are using keywords, it may be a good trick but not for some organic users. So if you want to attract more visitors who are really interested in your website you must go with long tail keywords which are more specific with your website and more visitors with interest. And also it will boost your content in search rankings and help your ideal customers find you.

Blog away. With my personal experience i can say that blogging can be a best way to bring some organic traffic on your allows you to describe your business more deeply and can help you to keep user engaged.but while doing this must keep in mind that writing spammy or poor content will harm your site more than it may bring some profit in.

Get your meta down. If you ask me about three key ingredients for an optimised web page or blog post i would say meta title, URL and description. Yeast seo is a good option for working on it but you would also need to look into it manually.

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Consistently create quality content. Consistently is as important as quality. So try to write and post more pages as often as you can. Just post regularly and you will see your traffic increasing rapidly.

Use internal links. One of the best tricks you can use to keep visitor engaged in your website is using internal links. Just use some other post’s link to redirect user and make a visitor spend more time on your website.This can keep visitors on your website for longer, which helps boost your search rankings. Don’t, however, overuse internal links; too many and it starts to look like spam.

Blow your own trumpet. You can also link your personal account here. Like you can add your facebook, instagram, twitter and other profiles link on your website.

Exploit metrics. You can use some tool like Google Analytics to keep an eye on how many users are visiting your website on daily basis. And with Google analytics you can also look for where your traffic is coming and what keyword brought them to your website.

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