How To Secure Android By Turning Off NFC

How To Secure Android By Turning Off NFC: Near Field Communication, higher called NFC is being designed into almost every new smartphone nowadays, with the exception of the Apple iPhone. It is an incredible tool for making payments and handling alternative tasks like “checking in” on services like FourSquare. NFC is even used for data transfer with the other NFC-enabled devices simply by bringing the two things close together, which has made information sharing much easier. However, it conjointly scares a lot of users due to its personal security implications (for the lowdown thereon you’ll be able to provide a hear security skilled Steve Gibson). On the far side the easy security concerns, the service also can be burdensome for battery life.

For those using an Android device, the NFC feature is turned off fairly simply. If it is a service you utilize on an everyday basis then you need not turn it on and off all the time, though it is a very easy method. However, if you do not frequently use NFC then you’ll simply need to stay it disabled for the easy reason of saving a bit of battery life on your android phone or tablet.

To get started, click on the apps link and scroll to seek out the “Settings” link.
Then, tap the “More” option below the “Wireless and Networks” section. Your steps could vary based on the Android OS that you just are running
From here you may spot the NFC option that is enabled by default. Tap on the checkbox to get rid of the tick and disable the service. You’ll be able to always re-enable it by reversing this method.

How To Secure Android By Turning Off NFC

The latter implication is that the one that several of you’ll need to think about once deciding if you actually would like it to be running in the background all the time.



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