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How to share your live location

How to share your live location: Sometimes we feel like sharing our location with our family, friends, Colleagues etc so that they can locate us, when you are traveling alone or when they want to know how far you have traveled. There are many apps that allow you to share your live location with anyone. But how good it is if you can share your live location with the app you already have it on your smartphone?
So here it is, Now you can use Facebook Messenger to share your live location with whomever you want.
To share your live location just follow these simple steps:(Before proceeding make sure that Facebook Messenger is already installed in your smartphone)

Step 1:
First, open the chat of a person you want to share your location with. Next, tap on the location button. It looks like a navigational arrow.

how to share live location

Step 2:
Now tap “Share Live Location” It will share your location for 60 minutes by default You can’t change the default sharing time yet.

Step 3:
This app shares your location by updating your location inside Facebook Messenger. If at any time, you want to stop sharing your location, you can just do it by tapping on the large red “Stop Sharing” text just below the map.



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