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How to stop auto updates in Windows 10

How to stop auto updates in Windows 10

How to stop auto updates in Windows 10: Windows 10 has come up with lots of new features under which one such feature is automatically updating. This means that the software are automatically downloaded and installed with the latest versions whenever those are out. This comes out to be a brilliant feature as users will always be with the latest versions and security features. But, not everyone likes to have the same. There are users who prefer the older versions as they are comfortable working with them.
Thus, for all the users who are working with Windows 10, there are still hopes to regain the older version and stop the updates automatically occurring. The following method will definitely be a way that you can stop those updates.

1) Using local group policy

If you are a windows 10 pro user, you can stop those updates with the local group policy editor to change the system settings.
Open the run command using the start menu from the taskbar and search for a run. As soon as the window appears, type in the search text and click on ok. This will open the local group policy editor. Now go to the following sub-options : computer configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update. As soon as the list of option occurs, click on Configure Automatic Updates. Click on the disabled option button so as to select it and then click on apply. Click on ok to save those changes.

2) Using registry options

Open the run command using Windows key + R and search for regedit to open the registry. Look for the following sub-options: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Policies -> Microsoft -> Windows. Right click the windows option and select new and then select key. As soon as the window pops up, create the new key with the name Windows Update and click on enter. Again, follow the same procedure and create another new key using the created key and name it as AU. Right click on AU, select new and click on DWORD(32 bit) value option. Name the new key as NOAutoUpdate and press enter. Double click on the same as soon as it is created and change the value from 0 to 1 on the window that pops up. Finally, click on ok.

Note: As soon as you remove the option of automatic updates, it is mandatory to always look for the settings while you wish to update. For the same, go to settings and select update and security and then click on windows update.

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