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How to use Timeline Feature in Windows 10

How to use Timeline Feature in Windows 10

How to use Timeline Feature in Windows 10: On Windows ten, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called timeline, it introduces a new way to resume activities you were operating in the past, however it isn’t a standalone feature. Instead, it’s an extension of Task view that permits you to check and resume a web page you were reading (using Microsoft Edge), end working in a Word document, or pick up an app where you left off additionally to switching between running apps and work with virtual desktops.

Timeline works by keeping a track of work or task you were doing on some other system or may be on same system.with this feature you can resume the activities you were working with in other system, or pick up documents you started on your android or iOS device as long as they are connected with the same Microsoft account.

Also it has cortana integrated with this, which implies that you fill find a digital assistant suggesting you to which task you should work on, as such you won’t have to do anything to resume a previous activity from other devices, as well as your phone.

In this guide,we will guide you with the steps to get started with Timeline.

How to navigate Timeline on Windows ten:

You can access the Timeline experience in at least 2 alternative ways. you’ll click the new Task view button in the taskbar, or you will use the Windows key + Tab keyboard shortcut.

In Task view, you will see your Timeline activities under the list of your current running applications.

Task read organizes your timeline activities exploitation links, however these area unit deep-links to a particular piece of content at intervals Associate in Nursing application, that makes it easier to select up right wherever you left off.

Items are sorted in an order and each day will have 2 rows of activities, may be the number of links can rely on the size of your screen.

If you cannot see the task you want to resume, you can click the See all button in the header of the group to look at that day activities organized by hours.

In the left side, there is a convenient annotated scrollbar to quickly scroll through all the things. Also, on the top-left side, higher than the scrollbar, you will find an option that you simply will use to look an activity using keywords.

you can also clear your activities in the Settings app, in timeline itself, you can right-click on any of the item to access a menu with options to open or remove a specific task, otherwise you can use the Clear all option to delete each activity for a particular day.

The cloud powers Timeline, so if you have got more than one pc, you’ll see the same activities across all of your devices using the same Microsoft account.

Also, if the activity was started with a Microsoft Store app that isn’t out there on the computer you want to resume the task, Windows ten can guide you to get the app.

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