The best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen Stylus

The best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen Stylus

The best tips and tricks for the Note 9’s S-Pen Stylus: Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup is among the popular phones on the market. Samsung is always working towards making it’s smartphone better and better. Last year, Samsung debuted the Note 8 following the disaster of the Note 7. The Note eight did a great job ill Samsung’s reputation after the fiasco.

At this year’s Unpacked event in new york, Samsung officially disclosed the Note nine after months of leaks and rumors. The Note nine is expected to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and the device very stood out at the event. On the surface, the Note 9 might not be a big upgrade over the Note 8. However, after we look inside, there are a lot of new things that are worth your time.

The Note nine marks the first time we are seeing a Bluetooth-enabled S-Pen on the market. With Bluetooth integration, you now will do a lot a lot of things with your stylus. with that in mind, we’ve got created a list of the simplest tips and tricks for your Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen.

For some background, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are available for purchase on August 24. Some retailers and carriers in the America and the UK have started taking pre-orders for the phone. The Note nine can hit over a hundred countries later this year.

The S-Pen has a battery
The S-Pen have low powered bluetooth technology in it, which makes it more powerful than ever. In reality, the addition of Bluetooth adds a lot of magic tricks to Samsung’s S-Pen. as an example, you’ll be able to use the S-Pen to trigger the camera on your phone or control your music playback.

To make the pen work better for a longer time .the stylus does not have a physical battery, instead, it uses a super-capacitor that doesn’t degrade over time. Samsung says that the S-Pen provides half-hour of battery life and you may get an alert once your S-Pen is running low on battery.

The coolest half is that your S-Pen charges up automatically when you slot it into your phone. Basically, you continue to can use your S-Pen to require notes or stretch your ideas directly on your phone’s screen.

Controlling apps
One of the best thing the s-pen is capable of doing is controlling the apps remotely. Specifically, you’ll be able to use your stylus as a remote control for interacting with apps and services. as an example, you’ll be able to quickly take photos or stir up the camera with your S-Pen. However, the S-Pen may be a larger deal than you can imagine.

The S-Pen will work with a number of apps on the Galaxy Note nine, together with Gallery, Shutter, Media, Chrome, Snapchat, and Hancom office Editor. Samsung can open its S-Pen to a lot of third-party developers within the coming months.
Samsung has the favorable position over Apple because the S-Pen comes bundled with the Note nine. Apple Pencil, on the opposite hands, now costs $99 on the market.

Customize the S-Pen
You now can simply customise the S-Pen to your liking. By default, long-pressing the S-Pen button can quickly open the camera. If you perform double-click on the S-Pen button, you will enter the front-camera interface.

To customise the S-Pen, you merely need to press and hold the S-Pen button, then tap on Hold Down Pen Button To and select your preferred actions.

Unlock with your S-Pen
One of the best features of the S-Pen lies in the ability to remotely unlock your Note nine. By default, the feature is not enabled, which means that you need to activate it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most desired flagship phones on the market. The device is Samsung’s main focus to take on Apple’s new iPhone models this year.

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