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Top 10 Google Pixel 3 XL tips, tricks, and hidden features to know

Top 10 Google Pixel 3 XL tips
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Top 10 Google Pixel 3 XL tips, tricks, and hidden features to know: Google has released new Pixel 3 running on Android 9 Pie, with the new software and hardware updates there are a lot of new features in Google Pixel. Here we are with top pixel features you can use to maximize your pixel experience.

Disable Notch
Pixel 3 XL comes with a 6.3-inch screen with a really huge notch on the top of it, if you are not liking these this you can disable it. You can turn it off from developer setting, before that you have to enable developer setting first.

To turn on developer setting first head to setting then system and then to about section and tap on build number until a toast notification notifies you about you have enabled developer setting.

Now as you have enabled developer setting, it’s very easy to hide the notch. First, enter into the setting and then to developer setting. And in developer setting go to ‘Display cutout option.
Now here tap on tap display cutout and opt to hide the notch. And you are good to go.

Gesture Navigation
The gesture control that comes with Pixel 3 is very easy to learn and use. And trust me, while it will be much fun to use gesture to operate your phone. And here are the gestures you should learn
Tap Once: Takes you to the Home screen.
Short Swipe (Upwards): Opens up recent apps menu
Long Swipe (Upwards): Opens up the app drawer.
Short Swipe (Right Side): Switches to last used app
Long Swipe (Sidewards): Allows you to move the recent apps and switch to it.

Quick Launch Camera
Many times we have to capture a moment and don’t have time to open up the camera you can quickly launch the camera by double pressing the power button. No matter which screen you are on or your phone is locked it will open up the camera.

Switch Selfie Camera
When you want to take a selfie and open up the camera, but you find thet rear camera is active, its really frustrating. Now you can flip between the cameras just by double tapping on the screen. You can enable this feature from Camera Settings -> Gestures -> Double-tap action and select Switch Camera.

Flip To Shhh
There is a feature in pixel 3, that you can put your phone with it face down on a desk and it will enable the dnd mode. You can enable this feature from Settings > Digital Wellbeing.

24/7 Call Support
Google provided you with 24 hours support overcall. You can use it by going to Settings -> Tips & support and at the bottom under Contact us, you can request providing details to receive a callback.

Make Use Of Volume Keys For Camera
You can use volume key for various actions, you can choose from some actions like zoom, shutter or control the volume while you are using the camera. To set it up to head to Settings -> Gestures -> Volume key action. And here specify what you want to do.

Squeeze For Assistant
There is a new feature in the pixel 3, you can squeeze it to call the Assistant. No, you don’t have to squeeze the Assistant, but you have to Squeeze your pixel and it will call google assistant. It will call the google assistant no matter on which screen you are on.

Night Light
The blue light coming from the screen can make it harder for you to sleep at night. So you can enable night light to prevent it. To enable night light head to Settings -> Display -> Night Light and turn it on. Here you can also schedule it according to your time.

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