Apple 5G chip out of stock to buy Samsung wall

Apple 5G chip out of stock to buy Samsung wall

On April 7, Taiwanese media reported that Apple’s process of purchasing 5G chips from Qualcomm and Samsung hit the wall one after another, and it seems to have encountered the dilemma of no 5G chips available.

Previously, Qualcomm and Apple’s patent war has not stopped since last year, Apple’s mobile phone manufacturing has turned to Intel chips.

However, for Apple, this is not the ideal solution. Because Intel chips lag behind Qualcomm in terms of functionality, it may affect Apple’s market competitiveness, so Apple is still looking for other options.

Recently, Samsung rejected Apple’s purchase of Exynos 5100 5G baseband chips on the grounds of insufficient supply capacity. A Samsung executive said: “Apple asked the Samsung LSI department about the purchase of 5G baseband chips. But the department has responded to Apple, and the supply of 5G baseband chips is insufficient.”


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