Gboard Gets New Emoji Minis Sticker Packs on Android and iOS

Gboard Gets New Emoji Minis Sticker

Gboard Minis can now recreate your face in a range of emoji-style expressions as well, which means that you can create mini custom emojis of yourself to express better in conversations. This is in addition of the two sticker packs already available since launch – Bold Minis and Sweet Minis. Now, Gboard also brings another sticker pack, which it calls Emoji Minis.

After updating to the latest version, head to the stickers section, to find the new Emoji Minis sticker pack. Click on Create, take a selfie, and then Gboard will automatically create the emoji pack for you. This sticker pack can be customized to your preference, and it includes a gamut of sticker emojis like crying emoji, laughing emoji, love emoji, grin emoji, wink emoji, and many more.

“Minis use a combination of machine learning and artistry to create illustrated stickers based on your selfie, After you take a selfie, emoji Minis use Google’s machine learning algorithms, known as neural networks, to suggest a skin tone, hairstyle and accessories that you can fine tune. Then, you choose a color for your hair, facial hair or different types of head coverings and eyewear. Add freckles or wrinkles-a little or a lot if you’d like. Design your Minis so they resemble what you look like in your eyes or in your mind,” Google explains in a blog.


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