Huawei 2018 roadmap leaks, three P series phones Maya, Salina, and Honor 1 coming in Q2

Huawei 2018 roadmap

Huawei 2018 roadmap : According to the road map presented by Alpha Telecom at an event this morning, Of 2018, between April and June – similar to the P10 series that landed on the shelves at a similar time in the past year. The series products that will be coming to Israel are Huawei P20, P20 Plus and P20 Lite.The image shows three new devices – codenamed Maya, Salina, and Honor 1 – are set for Q1 launch.

Upcoming Q2 going to be stuck for Chinese company, with three new P series phones lined up for release, referred to as P, P Plus, and P Lite.



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