Official Teaser Confirms Lenovo S5 Has All the Features to Compete with Redmi Note 5

The second official teaser for the Lenovo S5 is out, a fullscreen display, dual camera and Face Unlock. The teaser comes straight from Chang Cheng, the same Lenovo exec who announced that the S5 will arrive on March 20, with a humongous 6,000mAh battery. Key specs of Lenovo S5 were mentioned in a Weibo post by Chang Cheng, the executive of Lenovo.

While Lenovo had some good smartphones in the past, the newly leaked S5 sounds like a worthy competitor to take on the Redmi Note 5. When Xiaomi’s CEO commented last week that the Note 5 will have Snapdragon 636 processor and 6GB of RAM, Lenovo’s VP responded that their phone is much more reliable, responsive and offers stellar performance.

Lenovo Vs Xiaomi in the Chinese Market
Lenovo is going head-on with Xiaomi in the Chinese market. The companies have a strong presence in countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil among others. China continues to be a lucrative smartphone market where there are other players like Vivo and Oppo.

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