Private messages from 81,000 hacked Facebook accounts for sale: Report


A report by BBC cites the perpetrators themselves to say almost 81,000 users’ personal messages are published and compromised on the Internet, and hackers are looking to make money from it. The hackers allege that they have personal data of over 120 million Facebook account holders, and they are looking to sell it at $0.10 per account.

The report states that most of the accounts that have been compromised are based in Ukraine and Russia, but some accounts are from UK, US, and Brazil as well. The advertisement listed online said that full access to personal messages can be obtained at $0.10 per account, and it listed 81,000 of the profiles as samples for buyers.

This advertisement has since been removed. Compromised data reportedly included chats about a recent Depeche Mode concert, complaints about a son-in-law, intimate conversations between lovers, and photos of a recent holiday as well. BBC posed as potential buyers of this data, and uncovered that these hackers were not linked to the Russian state or to the Internet Research Agency – a group of hackers linked to the Kremlin.



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