Samsung DeX might go wireless

According to a European Samsung forum moderator, the company is working on a wire-free solution for their Samsung DeX Experience system. The rumor emerges after a European Samsung forum moderator responded to a question from forum members as to why there is no wireless solution for DeX. The moderator, known only as ‘ChrisM’ responded to user @blazefalconburg: “[they] are working on a wireless connection for DeX but a few improvements need to be made first” but “there isn’t a timeline for the implementation of this” new technology.

As Samsung pointed out, some things are much more easier on a desktop : Writing a document or an email, play your favourite video game, or just enjoy more comfort with a click or the punch of a key.

Access the same applications as you would do on your phone :

  • email
  • agenda
  • web browser
  • games
  • medias
  • social medias
  • 4 millions others you can download from the playstore.

How can I use DeX ?

DeX is native, so you cannot download it from the playstore to use it with other devices.
However, you do not have to purchase the application to use it : the application will be launch automatically with any Samsung devices listed bellow :

  • Samsung galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung galaxy S8
  • Samsung galaxy S8+
  • Samsung galaxy S9
  • Samsung galaxy S9+.

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