Samsung Galaxy A8s With a Display Hole Design for Selfie Camera Teased

Samsung Galaxy A8s

Samsung introduced another interesting device at the launch event, courtesy ITHome, the Samsung Galaxy A8s will be the first in its kind smartphone with an ultra-thin bezel display. The company didn’t reveal any details around the hardware, though it reportedly mentioned that the new model will come with a “first-time adoption” technology.

The camera hole on the Galaxy A8s will help Samsung deliver almost a full-screen experience. However, it will be interesting to see that how apps and interface would work in tandem with the hole.

The smartphone could have a hole instead of a display notch to have the front-facing camera and other sensors.If Samsung’s technique actually works, we might get to see actual full-screen phones, that are both durable and practical in the coming months.

At the event, the Samsung spokesperson didn’t say much about the rest of the specs. Galaxy A8s’ siblings – the A7 and A9 – are already expected to come with some top-tier features, with a triple and quadruple camera set up respectively.


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