Samsung’s foldable phone may launch at CES 2019; first batch could be limited to 500,000 units

Samsung's foldable phone

DJ Koh, CEO of the Samsung Mobile, has now confirmed the arrival of this new mobile with a foldable screen at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. A new report from Chinese Social Network Weibo has now revealed that current folding screen technology by Samsung is not perfect for mass production and consumer sales. This comes along with Samsung’s monopoly issues on its foldable flexible screen. Hence this has resulted in the delay of the launch of the Samsung foldable smartphone, which has been re-scheduled to CES 2019, for now.

ccording to reports, the foldable smartphone by Samsung will be equipped with a 4.6-inch external screen, and a 7.3-inch foldable internal screen. This means that while the device is retracted to its smaller size, it would look like a 7.3-inch mobile phone, and when the external 4.6-inch screen is opened, it will look similar to a 10-inch tablet.


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