This SIM Card Gives You Unlimited Internet Access and WhatsApp Messaging

ChatSim SIM card provider on Thursday introduced latest ChatSim 2 SIM card in Milan, Italy. The 2nd generation of the company’s proprietary SIM card now claims to offer Internet surfing with “free and unlimited data traffic.”

“ChatSim 2 is a completely new and different version of ChatSim, born from the need expressed in these 3 years by our customers to have Internet as well as unlimited chat apps. With ChatSim 1, with compatible apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, etc.), you can send unlimited text messages and emoji in over 165 countries with the annual plan. If you also want to send photos, videos and make voice calls, you can buy multimedia credits.

You cannot surf the Internet and use other apps. ChatSim 2, instead, lets you surf the Internet and use any application without any LIMITATION at unbeatable rates anywhere in the world. The messaging applications included (WhatsApp, Messenger etc. the same as ChatSim 1 plus others that will soon be enabled) can be used for free and unlimited, without consuming the gigabytes included in your purchased plan. The traffic is unlimited for everything: text, emoji, photos, videos, calls, etc.,” said Manuel Zanella, founder and CEO of ChatSim.

The SIM card can provide data access without limitations, roaming charges, or Wi-Fi connectivity. The annual plan also lets you send text messages across 165 countries. 


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