How to use Bixby Vision on Galaxy S9/S9+?

Bixby Vision provides a new way of seeing the world. Its a new feature built into the Galaxy S9 camera, helping you to see more in an easier way.

To use this feature, Users must :

1) Be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network.

2) Register and sign in to your Samsung Account.

Setting up Bixby Vision

When you start Bixby Vision for the first time, you must sign in or create a Samsung Account:

-Tap ‘Sign in’ and follow the instructions on screen.
-Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and tap ‘Ok’.
Please allow the permissions so Bixby Vision can use the necessary apps.
-Once it is set up, point the camera at an object or location and hold your phone steady.
-When a product is recognized and scanned, the available search icons will appear.
-Tap the search icon you want to use to see the results.

Launching Bixby Vision

From the Camera: Select Auto Mode and tap the Bixby Vision button displayed on top of the settings icon.

From the Gallery: Select an image and tap the Bixby Vision icon displayed on the top of the screen.

From the Internet: Tap and hold an image and select Bixby Vision.

From a screenshot: Select Bixby Vision on the toolbar.


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