Samsung Galaxy Note 8 : Best Features You Must Know

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most advanced phones ever created. If you’re an Android user who likes big phones, this is likely the phone for you.

The Samsung Edge :

Customize Your Edge Lighting: To get this one you need to go into Settings and select Display. Tap Edge screen then toggle on Edge lighting. Tap Edge lighting to customize app notifications, lighting settings, including display size and color.

Do More with Edge Panels: If you find you have apps that you frequently use, you can keep them listed in the Edge Panel. To customize, slide out the Edge Handle then tap the Settings icon. Then you can select from pre-created Edge Panels. To change the order of those panels, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select Reorder. To download new Edge Panels, tap the blue Download link in the upper right corner.

Bixby Your Partner 🙂

    1. Bixby Voice Controls: You can ask bixby to open any applications you want to use.  After waking the assistant, just say “Open” and the name of the app you want to open, you can also tell it to take you to specific device settings or to turn features (like flashlight, notifications, or phone volume) on or off.
    2. Bixby Vision: Bixby Vision is an easy way to perform an image search, translate text, or find a nearby restaurant. Point your camera at an option and activate your Bixby assistant then say “Open Bixby Vision and tell me what this is.” The assistant will walk you through an image search. You can also use Bixby Vision directly from your camera app to translate or capture text.
    3. Dictate Text with Bixby: Open a note taking app and then activate Bixby. Say “Dictate” and then what you would like to have dictated. Bixby will turn your voice to text.
    4. Post to Social Media: Activate Bixby and say, “Post my last photo to,” and then say the name of the social media you want to use. Bixby opens the app and starts the post. You add a caption and tap the Share button.

Tweak your Samsung Note 8 navigation buttons
 You can change the way these buttons work in Settings > Display > Navigation bar. There’s a “Hide” button on the far left of the nav bar that makes the buttons accessible only with a swipe up. So, if you don’t intend to use this feature, turn the button off in this menu. And if you prefer the standard Android button order (back – home – overview) rather than Samsung’s (overview – home – back), you can change that here as well.

Customize Note 8 Air Command

To make changes to how Air Command works, head into Settings > Advanced features > S Pen, and then scroll down to the Air Command section.

Make animated GIFs with Note 8 Smart Select

After launching Smart Select, you’re shown a selection bar at the top of the screen with options for square, round, lasso, and GIF selections. The first three are just regular screenshots, so use the S Pen to highlight what you want. You can also draw on the resulting image before saving.

Note 8’s one-handed mode

To use this feature just tap to the Settings > Advanced Features > One-handed mode.

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