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Top 10 Best Apps For Downloading Music

Top 10 Best Apps For Downloading Music

Top 10 Best apps for downloading music: We all love listening to music, and there are a lot of music sites and app through which you can download and listen to music. Here in this article we will discuss about top 10 apps that can help you in downloading and listening to your favorite music. Just go through all the apps and choose what suits you best. Every app has its own merits and demerits you can go for the one which appeals you the most.


In the pool of music downloading apps SONGILY has places itself on on a place by satisfying the people by providing all songs approximately in the expected quality. Most of the apps doesn’t allows users to download mp3 files but Songily does.
And this is the reason why this app is getting more popularity in a huge user base. With this app you can seach and play music online and can also download Mp3 files for free, and the best thing is you can use downloaded music outside of the app. You can share it with your friends or between your own devices.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon is the biggest name in the online shopping market, along with the store that let you buy anything you want it also provides you some other services. For the prime subscribers, amazon offers like free delivery and additional cashback. Along with this you can also enjoy contents of amazon prime video and prince music.
It offers an stunning user interface. And it’s a lot easier to use. With this app you can make your own playlist, download songs and much more. The best thing i found in this app is it has built in alexa support which makes it a lot better.

Spotify Music

The most popular app for downloading music in the market, it is much popular in countries like
United States and Europe. But it is also available in some countries like New Zealand, Australia, some countries in asia. Spotify has a large number of songs from all over the world in its library.
You can also make a search for your music and make a custom playlist. It allows you to stream at 320 kbps.

Download Mp3 Music

Free is a word we all love. So this app allows you to download music for completely can download music from here and also share music like mp3. There is no other app that allow you to download all music for free. They also have to make some money so the app is little slow and will show some ads. Yet after all the ads what this app offers can be considered to be put it in top list.

Saavn Music & Radio

Saavn is the music streaming service in India. It has a huge collection of music. From all categories like English, Hindi, Bollywood and also radio stations. You can just search and listen to your favorite artist and download songs from them. You can also follow your favorite artist here. The only thing is you can’t download songs for offline in its free plan. But you can listen to unlimited songs online for Free.

Wynk Music

This app as grown a lot after its development, the user interface of the app is impressive and very user friendly. Most of my friends use this app and may be you have also heard of this app. Or you may have tried it already.
With a huge library of more than 1.8 million songs, you can also stream music with it and as well as stream music it. It allow you to search music artists, genres, moods, etc. you can find all old, latest, Hindi, English Bollywood, Hollywood songs on Wynk.
If you are using airtel you will get free subscription of it. And if you are using some other operator then you can get a monthly subscription at just Rs 99. And it allows you to listen music without any ad.


This app is specifically built for Indian. It contains all genre and languages that are popular in india. It comes with a huge library of more than 10 million songs. Here, you can explore from the already present playlists which are based on a particular genre.

You can also make your own music collection on this app based on your choice. Will many regional languages, this app have music from hindi and english. The only annoying thing in this app is ads.
We all know how much this apps ad had grown its user base in the recent past; it surely was worth all the attention!


How it will be if a single app lets you play music from uncountable genres, this app lets you play the music from a variety of songs, taking care about the choices of people worldwide. With more than 5,000,000 plus music tracks it made a place in our list. This may be an entire database you are ever gonna to need.
Basically this app works on p2p sharing. You can make your own collection of songs and share it with your friends. The app also has a 15 gb cloud space for you, where your downloaded songs will be living.
While using it i found it a little slow but in front of its features you can ignore it.


All the people who loves music craves for a platform where they can find all the new music. The original music from the composer. We all know that SoundCloud is one of the best known mp3 downloading app for Android. Here you not only get music, here you can also find audiobooks and podcasts.
With listening to music you can also upload music created by you. It will let you share, like or comment on the songs that have been uploaded by others. Basically you can say that soundcloud is a platform which helps you to connect artist with their fans.


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