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Top 10 best apps for students

Top 10 best apps for students
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Top 10 best apps for students: We all own smartphone, so its better to use them in a smarter way. Smartphone are not just for some instant messaging and social media, if you know what app to use and how to use you can use your android phone in the way you never thought of. And if you are a student there are apps that can help you to make your life much easier and will help you in everyday in this post we have compiled a whole list of top 10 android apps that can help students in their daily basis.

1. Tasker

If you also love automating tasks like me then this app may be all you need. You can classify it as a programming tool, this app let you set your own triggers based on the environment. It can automatically detect when you are at the library, for example, and can alter some settings of your phone based on where you are. It can also launch apps, send sms, make and call and much more, you can download the app from the playstore and explore its amazing options right now.

2. Mint

In student life,saving money is really a difficult task, and also there are many different ways to saving money, but with Mint financial decisions just got much easier. I can say that this was the best financial management app i have come across. It keeps track of your budget and you can check up-to-date information about your accounts. You can also check you budget and edit transaction on the app.
Like me if you are also worried about your personal info, the app is password protected so even if your phone goes in wrong hands you don’t need to be worry.

3. Studious

Forgetting doing assignment is not a new thing, we all forget to do assignments, and some of us forget much often. With this app forgetting assignments will be a thing of the past. This simple app reminds you when tests are coming and when the assignments are due, the best thing i found in this app is it automatically silence your phone in class and all you need to do this is set your class location.

4. SlideShare

A part of linkedIn, this is the most popular site used to host presentations, and thankfully it also has an android app.but instead of publishing new presentation, this app is all about viewing, sharing, and saving for offline access. With slideshare you can view any presentation anywhere and will really help you to learn anywhere.

5. WolframAlpha

It’s not a traditional search engine, it doesn’t search the web for result instead it relies on
its own curated knowledge base made up from specific data and its computational ability, to make answers and generate reports instantly. It can work with topics from matrices and astrophysics to stock data and social statistics. WolframAlpha is the must have app with any student.


Android is considered to be less beautiful when it compared to iOS, and when it comes to calculator they all have the same design but CAlCU is something that is perfect example of how beautiful android apps can be.
The idea for a new calculator app is not something that should be exciting, but this app worth trying for its silk design. Putting this thing aside this app also include scientific functions and a calculation history.

7. Coursera

Coursera is the biggest online courses provider out there, it connects students, professional and lifelong learner from more then 100 global universities and institutes with learners. Here you can browse courses and watch lectures from thm the he best instructors anytime and anywhere – whether you’re interested in cuisine or computer science on thousands of topic.

8. Sunrise

SO the super popular app Sunrise ia available for android also. With offering a clean and minimalistic design, it really stand out from all the other calendar app, and best things is it can also bes integrated with third party service like facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. For android user you can also create a beautiful homescreen widget. It also has a version for desktop Web browsers if you don’t always use your phone.


IFTTT stands for If This Then That. in case you haven’t heard IFTTT, it lets you create powerful connection with one simple statement. For example send a sms if it rains. Or let the app automatically share a stunning photo in behalf of you.And now with the Android app, you can create and manage all your recipes on-the-go.

10. Evernote

If you ask me a single app that should be in your phone, i will recommend you Evernote. Evernote is a free app that help you to take notes and sync between devices, it helps you to Stay organized and be productive. It does not only helps you to take notes but you can also capture photos, create to-do lists, and even record voice reminders. It has also a new feature names handwriting so you can pick your smartphone or tablet and quickly write down notes with your finger or stylus.


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